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    ADVANCED CLUSTER DEXTRIN-INFUSED PRE-WORKOUT HOW DOES PRE-EXTREME WORK? Builds explosiveness, power, and strength Includes 15G of Cluster Dextrin® Enhances endurance and increases reps* Accelerates performance and recovery* Supercharges mental focus and acuity* No proprietary blends and full label disclosure. 15G Cluster Dextrin 6G Citrulline Malate 2.5G Beta-Alanine 1650MG Stimulant Complex GUESS WHAT TREND WE STARTED? In this world, there are two types of supplement companies: leaders and followers. As you've seen, the newest trend in the industry is claiming "no proprietary blends" and "proper doses." This is certainly a good thing to see, but the reality is that at NutraBio we have been doing this for well over a decade and have been in business since 1996. It's never been a question of when a good time to start being honest is. Since we have been honest from day one, the only question we ask ourselves day in and day out is what new innovations we can lead with to better serve our athletes with. We've never created a "concentrate" full of under-dosed strength-building ingredients and overdosed stimulants. We've never created a 40-ingredient proprietary-blended fairy-dusted product that contained over 25% maltodextrin as a filler. What we did do is create the first non-proprietary blended pre-workout that is non-GMO and contains zero fillers, excipients, or additives. We've done this since day one with our original PRE and are continuing this with our expanded family of PRE and PRE EXTREME. Every ounce of effort from Team NutraBio has been focused on the singular goal of creating the absolutely most effective and purest pre-workout in existence. We started the no-proprietary blend trend over 15 years ago because we're proud of our formulas. We're focused on creating the best, and we've done just that by creating PRE-EXTREME. RAPID GLYCOGEN PRE-LOAD SYSTEM (15000 mg) HIGHLY BRANCHED CYCLIC DEXTRIN (AS CLUSTER DEXTRIN®) If you're an athlete, you know the importance of carbohydrates. Without them, performance suffers. For this reason, we included the most advanced carbohydrate on the market, called highly branched cyclic dextrin (also found in our Super Carb). This clinically studied innovation has the ability to pass through your stomach rapidly while supplying your muscles with steady state glycogen to enhance performance. This rapid stomach clearance is due to something called "low osmolarity," which allows for rapid transport through the stomach. The key benefit of this is providing raw energy prior to training to ensure that you don't run out of energy while training. No other pre-workout on the market contains highly branched cyclic dextrin in an efficacious amount like PRE-EXTREME.* Cluster Dextrin® has been shown to increase performance in swimming sprint performance athletes.* It has been demonstrated to have a greater mix-ability and solubility than other pricey commercial sports nutrition carbohydrates.* Unlike other formulations using Cluster Dextrin® that have dextrose or maltodextrin hidden in the "other ingredients," NutraBio uses only pure Cluster Dextrin®. ATHLETIC ENDURANCE & PERFORMANCE COMPLEX (8500 mg) L-CITRULLINE DL-MALATE (2:1 reacted) (6000 mg) This ingredient has been shown to increase endurance in performance athletes when used at the same dosage level as in PRE-EXTREME and PRE.* Citrulline malate works by decreasing the ammonia levels in working muscles and increasing the ATP available to working muscles.* Our citrulline malate is in the proper citrulline-malate ratio (2:1), validated by research. Fairly often, companies use a 1:1 ratio which is more cost effective but not validated by research. NutraBio's citrulline malate is fully reacted, meaning it's bonded and not just citrulline powder with added malate powder. BETA-ALANINE (as CARNOSYN®) (2500 mg) This ingredient has numerous clinical studies supporting its role as a hydrogen ion buffer and its ability to increase muscle carnosine stores.* Supplementation has shown to increase endurance capacity, reps before failure, and total distance increased in time trials.* Carnosine is a powerful anti-oxidant that has numerous health benefits when it comes to memory and central nervous system communication efficiency.* ATP POWER, STRENGTH, & RECOVERY COMPLEX (6000 mg) CREATINE HCL (1000 mg) This ingredient works by increasing the body's potential to produce more ATP by increasing skeletal muscle phosphocreatine stores. * Creatine monohydrate does not have the same solubility advantages as creatine HCL, which allows for a lower dose to be equally if not more effective. * The increased solubility of creatine HCL comes from attaching a hydrochloride to the creatine molecule, which lowers the pH. This is the basis for enhanced solubility. * L-LEUCINE (2000 mg) This ingredient is the most important BCAA/EAA when it comes to supporting anabolism and limiting catabolism. * By itself, it has shown to increase recovery times and limit delayed onset muscular soreness. * What separated NutraBio's leucine from others is the fact that it is from fermented vegetable sources as opposed to animal-based sources. BETAINE ANHYDROUS (2500 mg) This amino acid has been shown to increase power and strength output due to its supporting role for the body's creatine production. Essentially, it can help increase your reps with a given weight. * It has been shown to have a positive effect on fat and energy metabolism. * Supplementation has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on hydration and supports healthy nitric oxide levels. * PHARMAPURE CREATINE MONOHYDRATE (2000 mg) ELECTROLYTE & HYDRATION OPTIMIZER (1715 mg) TAURINE (1500 mg) It helps maintain proper water balance in the muscle while training due to its osmotic properties. * Supplementation optimizes training endurance and is clinically proven to improve performance. * Taking pre-workout taurine helps replace its potential loss caused by intense training. * CALCIUM POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE CITRATE (as Calci-K®) (525 mg) This advanced ingredient serves as a donor for multiple electrolytes in one shot. Electrolytes serve a crucial role in maintaining water balance throughout the body and facilitating motor neuron function. * We employed this innovative ingredient to ensure that you are loading with sufficient electrolytes to perform at your best. * SODIUM PHOSPHATE (189 mg) Research has shown that taking sodium reduces an athlete's susceptibility to thermoregulatory strain and increases exercise capacity. * The more you sweat, the more your body loses sodium, so it's critical to replace it while you are training intensely. * NITRIC OXIDE PERFORMANCE MATRIX (1750 mg) AGMATINE SULFATE (1000 mg) This is a form of decarboxylated arginine that can survive liver metabolism to enhance blood flow to working muscles. * It has been shown to have the ability to manipulate pain receptors, which may allow you to train past normal pain thresholds. * We only use a vegan source of agmatine that is derived from fermented plants. INOSITOL ARGININE SILICATE (as NITROSIGINE®) (750 mg) This novel and patented form of arginine has been shown in clinical research to be more biologically effective in athletes than arginine HCL. * The greater biological effect of this allows for greater nitric oxide production and blood flow at a much lower level than normal arginine HCL. * The synergistic effect of this ingredient and agmatine with respect to increased blood flow is quite dramatic while you are training and during the post-workout period. * FOCUS, DRIVE, & STIMULATION COMPLEX (1600 mg) This revolutionary complex was designed to help athletes maintain focus and drive while putting themselves through the most rigorous training sessions. Research has shown that stimulants such as caffeine can help increase workout capacity and power output by athletes. For this reason, we included a strong dose of caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate (as Infinergy™). Our goal was not to "overstimulate," but we did include a host of ancillary stimulants and focus agents to complement the performance benefits of caffeine while limiting the potential for a stimulant crash. You will not find a better feeling and a more complete stimulant complex anywhere else. Here's what each ingredient does. * N-ACETYL L-TYROSINE (1500 mg) - Increases mental alertness and boosts mood. * CAFFEINE (250MG) AND INFINERGY™ (100MG DI-CAFFEINE MALATE) (350 mg total caffeine) - Increases exercise capacity and work potential while training. * THEAPURE L-THEANINE (300 mg) N-METHYL TYRAMINE (50 mg) - Serves as a neurotransmitter to release norepinephrine for increased intensity. * HORDENINE HCL (50 mg) - A pro-adrenergic stimulant that releases various pro-exercise neurotransmitters. * YOHIMBE HCL (4 mcg) HUPERZINE A (100 mcg) - A powerful focus agent that helps maintain elevated acetylcholine levels. * NUTRIENT ABSORPTION ENHANCER (5 mg) PIPER NIGRUM EXTRACT (AS BIOPERINE®) Many ingredients, such as herbal extracts, certain minerals, and a variety of amino acids, actually have a hard time being absorbed by the body. * Bioperine® is used in numerous products by us because it enhances the bioavailability of many ingredients in our formulations. * At NutraBio, we like to call this "bioavailability insurance" for our highly technical formulations that rely on extremely pure and refined ingredients. *
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